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TV Energy has more than 10 years of established operational experience in the field of renewable energy. Our highly qualified team of engineers and environmental scientists provide bespoke solutions based on more than 100 years of combined experience working with a wide range of different clients as set out below:

TV Energy provides independent technical and commercial support to public and private sector clients wishing to move towards a more sustainable, secure, economic and environmentally sound basis of energy production and use.

We carry out 'options studies' that examine the energy usage of a building, business or community and advise on potential, green energy solutions. Such studies may embrace energy efficiency considerations and set out which renewable energy technologies may be appropriate to provide all or a part of the heat and power needs. On many occasions 'hybrid' solutions utilising two or more technologies will give an optimal technical and economic solution. TVE also prepare pre and full feasibility appraisals and can provide tender support along with project installation and commissioning oversight.

TVE also provides strategic and policy related support to larger businesses and governmental organisations calling upon extensive experience of European and Global energy initiatives. We pride ourselves in drawing on best practice from overseas and bringing this to bear on local challenges to create effective and innovative solutions for clients.

TV Energy is also a supplier of quality wood fuel through a wholly owned subsidiary (TV Bioenergy) and a grower of energy crops (through TV Bioenergy Coppice). In addition, TV Energy operates as an ESCo (Energy Services Company) providing renewable heat through a supply contract at specific locations.

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Woodheat Solutions

Visit the Wood Heat Solutions web-site - a European project providing training and information about community scale heating with biomass.

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