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New Greenham ParkTV Energy was established in 2001 as a regional energy agency to encourage and help local people progress from non-sustainable energy resources to sustainable energy resources. By working with a number of partner organisations from both the public and private sector within the Thames Valley we are active in promoting and advising on renewable energy technology in a 'one stop shop' sense.

TV Energy has a multi-disciplinary team of 10 specialists in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors and works with a broader range of expertise from associated companies and partners.

As an independent company, TV Energy provides technical support for all renewable energy technologies to public and private sector clients either by project on a consultancy basis or by subscription. We carry out options studies, pre and full feasibility appraisals and are involved in project management for biomass (mostly wood fuel), heat pumps, small hydro, small wind turbines, solar PV (photovoltaics) and solar thermal. In addition, by operating as an ESCo (Energy Services Company), TV Energy can supply heat on a 'heat supply contract' basis. We can also assist in developing and arranging finance for projects designed to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

TV Energy also works internationally and is involved with several projects funded by the European Commission. TVE also works with the International Energy Agency (IEA) and is involved with many different projects in countries from around the world.

In addition, TV Energy is also a supplier of quality wood fuel which is carried out through TV Bioenergy. TV Bioenergy Coppice has also been established by TV Energy as a co-operative group to grow Short Rotation Coppice (SRC). For more information see wood fuel.

As a company TV Energy, and individual team members have written numerous publications.

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