BioSol ESCo Public Call


TV Energy and The University of Reading are partners in a major European project

looking into the creation of ESCos fuelled by Biomass or Solar Thermal sources.

An Energy Service Company (or ESCo) is a business providing a broad range of

comprehensive energy solutions from power generation and heat supply to energy

conservation projects. It will provide full feasibility studies; design and implementation,

energy infrastructure outsourcing and risk management.

For any party wishing to become an ESCo project the ESCo will perform an in-depth

analysis of the property to be supplied and if it fulfils the appropriate criteria will design

an energy efficient solution, install the required elements and maintain the system to

ensure energy savings during the payback period. It will then sell supplied heat or

generation to the end user whilst being responsible for the systems in their entirety

including ongoing operation including maintenance and fuel supply. ESCos reduce the

risks for end users as they are directly motivated to ensure ongoing performance and they

are able to produce long term solutions, fair contracts and the security of supply that will

enable financing solutions to be found to implement schemes.

The ESCo will not only provide heat and/or generation as above it will also address the

damaging effects of climate change. The ESCo will aim to cut carbon dioxide emissions

and promote sustainable and efficient use of alternative energy sources including biomass

and solar thermal.


TV Energy and the University of Reading are looking for parties interested in being

assessed as appropriate ESCo projects as part of the BIOSOL ESCO initiative. A

successful applicant organisation would benefit from significant resources in respect of in

depth feasibility studies, technological financial and business planning advice with

additional experienced input from long established ESCos within the European Union.

If you would like to be part of this project please contact Philippa Hughes (using details

below) to register your interest by 28th February 2010.


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