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Reading Civic CentreClimate Berkshire is a partnership of Local Authorities and other key partner organisations from across Berkshire, working at a strategic level to address the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change. The development of the partnership is being led by Reading Borough Council and is supported by the Sustainable Prosperity Group and by the Berkshire Improvement and Efficiency Programme.

Climate Berkshire has been working to bring forward a place to reduce the carbon footprint of Berkshire. The partnership wants to facilitate a range of tools that citizens and companies can use in the localities to bring about positive changes to make Berkshire low carbon, benefit the fuel poor and simulate the low carbon economy.

Coley Park Flats - Bird's Eye ViewThis will be achieved by providing:

  • A cohesive plan for bringing forward renewable energy with local authorities at its heart
  • A set of tools available to help communities to benefit for the advantages of low carbon.

TV Energy has produced several reports to address the potential for joint working on renewable energy/ sustainability between Berkshire Authorities and interested stakeholders.

Coley Park FlatsThese include:

Phase 1 of Climate Berkshire described the methodology and outcome of a site selection process to determine the most suitable location for a wood fuelled district heating scheme to provide low carbon heat to a community within West Berkshire. Phase 2 investigated the potential for using locally supplied biomass in the form of woodchip to fuel a new boiler, supplying heat to domestic and non domestic buildings in Brightwalton village.

Climate Berkshire held a workshop hosted by SSE at their Greenwatt Way site in Slough on 28th February 2012. The presentations from Ben Burfoot (Reading BC), Charles Farley (SSE) and Keith Richards (TVE) are available below. In addition, more detailed evidence base statistics are available to view as produced by TVE during 2011.



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