Large Estates / Farms

Country estates and farms offer exciting opportunities for renewable energy systems and TV Energy has been involved with assessing a number of these across the Thames Valley. We offer a service that will:

  • Blenheim PalaceAssess the entirety of an estate or farm for the potential to produce energy
  • Assess the energy usage in terms of heat and electricity needs
  • Develop a plan that will optimise use of renewable energy in combination with existing systems
  • Oversee installation and commissioning of technology

Large estates that TV Energy has worked with commission us to carry out a site visit to make a first assessment followed by a pre-feasibility or full feasibility study. TV Energy then produces a comprehensive report that will set out the options for the owner and enable a discussion to take place as to the preferred solution.

EnglefieldThe most popular technology and resource option is Bioenergy and in particular wood fuel. Wood may already be available from existing woodland or can be grown as dedicated ‘energy crops’. Installing a boiler capable of utilising the wood as chip, logs or pellets means that estates can often become self sufficient in energy for heating. A number of estates have incorporated a micro district heating scheme allowing heating of a main house, offices, tenanted housing and even buildings such as churches, all connected to a single boiler. The financial saving can be considerable and will be further enhanced as the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) is introduced later this year.

Hall BarnOther technologies of interest include wind energy, anaerobic digestion (utilising waste materials), solar power and for some locations, low head hydro.

The following case studies illustrate a variety of solutions for local clients:

  • Englefield Estate
  • Nigel Stiljes Estate
  • Manor Farm, Hampstead Norreys

Hillfields FarmClients:

  • National Trust estate
  • Britwell Hill farm
  • Hall Barn estate
  • Leckford estate
  • Sheepdrove farm
  • Englefield estate
  • Nigel Stiljes estate
  • WHSManor Farm, Hampstead Norreys
  • Chilterns ANOB
  • North Wessex Downs AONB
  • Blenheim palace estate
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Woodheat Solutions

Visit the Wood Heat Solutions web-site - a European project providing training and information about community scale heating with biomass.

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SEE-Stats - South East Renewable Energy Statistics

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