Sponsors and Partners
Official Sponsors
Local Authorities
Supporters and Partners
Renewable Energy
A Global Overview of Renewable Energy Sources
Association of UK Energy Agencies
Decentralised Energy Knowledge Base
Energy 21
Energy & Environmental Management Group
European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources
European Heat Pump Association
Good Energy
IT Power Ltd
Renewable Energy Association
South East England Renewable Energy Statistics
Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign 2005-2008
The UK District Energy Association
Biomass Energy Centre
Dulas Ltd
Econergy Ltd
Forest Research (woodfuel)
Hill fields farm
Rural Energy
Short Rotation Crops (IEA Bioenergy Task 30)
Socio-Economics of Bioenergy (IEA Bioenergy Task 29)
Talbott's Ltd
TV Bioenergy
TV Bioenergy Coppice
Wood Energy
British Wind Energy Association
Danish Wind Industry Association
Iskra Wind
Oxford outskirts wind cluster (Oxford City Council)
Proven Energy
Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
Rushy Mead wind cluster (University of Reading)
Westmill Wind Farm Co-op
Yes 2 Wind
British Hydropower Association
British Photovoltaic Association
International Solar Energy Society
PV Systems
Solar Trade Association
Aeolus (Kent)
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Group
Biodiesel Filling Stations
Blooming Futures Pure Plant Oil (Brighton)
Goldenfuels (Oxford)
Transport Energy (EST)
Veggie Power (Reading)
Veg Oil Motoring
Environment & Sustainability
Association for Environment Conscious Building
Blewburton Partnership
Carbon Trust
Centre for Alternative Technology
Dyfi Eco Valley
EcoTech Centre
Energy Saving Trust
EU Community Research & Development Info Service
Friends of the Earth
Forest Research
Hockerton Housing Project
Low Impact Living Initiative
National Trust
South East Climate Change Partnership
The Living Rainforest
Other Regions
Kent & London Creative Environmental Networks
Sussex ECSC
South Hampshire The Environment Centre (tEC)
South West England & Wales Severn Wye Energy Agency
Devon DARE
Avon CSE
East of England Renewables East
West Midlands Marches Energy Agency
North West England Renewables North West
North East England Energy North East portal
Renewable Energy Courses (Undergraduate)
De Montfort University, Leicester BSc (Hons) Green Technology
University of Dundee BSc (Hons) Renewable Energy
Edinborugh Napier University BEng/BEng (Hons) Energy and Environmental Engineering
University of Exeter BSc Renewable Energy
University of Nottingham Beng (Hons) Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems BEng
Open university Energy for a sustainable future
University of Sunderland BEng Renewable Energy Engineering
Loughborough MEng/BEng Electrical & Renewable Energy Systems Technology
Open University BSc with Energy for a Sustainable Future
Central Lancashire BEng Energy & Sustainable Design
Edinburgh MEng/BEng Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy
Glasgow BSc Renewable Energy
Napier BEng Energy & Environmental Engineering
Warwick MEng Engineering with Appropriate Technology
Renewable Energy Courses (Postgraduate)
University of Reading MSc/PgDip Renewable Energy
Oxford Brookes University 
MSc / PGDip / PGCert Climate Change and the Built Environment 
University of Surrey 
MSc Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
University of Southampton 
MSc Energy and Sustainability (multi-pathway programme)
University of Exeter 
MSc Renewable Energy 
Plymouth University 
MSc/PgDip in Marine Renewable Energy
Kingston University, London
Renewable Energy Engineering PgDip/MSc
Brunel University, London
Sustainable Electrical Power MSc
Sustainable Energy - Technologies and Management MSc
Imperial College, London 
MSc in Environmental Technology
MSc in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development
MSc in Hydrology and Sustainable Development
MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures
MRes in Green Chemistry: Energy and the Environment
University of East London
Renewable Energy and the Built Environment MSc
London Met Univeristy 
MSc Integration of renwable energy into buildings 
Midlands and North
Cranfield  University
Energy Systems and Thermal Processes MSc
Carbon Capture and Transport MSc/PgDip/PgCert
Renewable Energy Technology MSc/PgDip/PgCert
Renewable Energy Engineering MSc/PgDip/PgCert
Offshore Renewable Energy (Option of Offshore and Ocean Technology MSc/MTech/PgDip/PgCert)
Materials for Energy Systems MSc/PgDip/PgCert
Energy Supply for Low Carbon Futures MSc/PgDip/PgCert
De Montfort University, Leicester 
Energy and Industrial Sustainability
Energy and Sustainable Building Design
Durham University 
MSc New and Renewbale Energy
University of Central Lancashire
MSc/PgDip Renewable Energy Engineering
University of Leeds
MSc Sustainability (Transport)
MSc Sustainability (Climate Change)
MSc Energy and Environment
MSc (Eng) Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Systems
Loughborough University
MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology
Newcastle University 
Sustainable Chemical Engineering MSc; PGDip
Renewable Energy Enterprise and Management (REEM) MSc; PGDip; PGC
Renewable Energy Flexible Training Programme (REFLEX)
University of Nottingham
Renewable Energy and Architecture Diploma (PGDip)
Renewable Energy and Architecture Masters (MSc)
Sustainable Energy Engineering Masters (MSc)
Sustainable Bioenergy Masters (MSc)
Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship Masters (MSc)
Sustainable Energy Engineering Masters (MSc)
Bangor University 
Renewable Materials (PhD/MPhil)
Cardiff University 
Sustainable Energy and Environment (MSc)
Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)
MSc Renewable Energy and the Built Environment
University of Glamorgan
MSc Sustainable Power Technology
MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management
Glyndwr University 
MSc Renewable Energy systems and Sustainabilty 
University of Aberdeen
MSc Renewable Energy 
University of Dundee 
MSc/PGDip Renewable Energy and Environmental modelling
The University of Edinburgh
MSc Sustainable Energy system 
Edinborugh Napier University 
MSc Renewable Energy 
Heriot Watt University 
Sustainability Engineering MSc/Diploma/Certificate
Renewable Energy And Distributed Generation MSc
Renewable Energy Development (RED) MSc/Diploma
Renewable Energy Engineering MSc/Diploma/Certificate
Univerity of Strathclyde
MSc/PGDip in Renewable Energy Systems & the Environment
MSc in Sustainability & Environmental Studies
UK Wind Energy Research - Doctoral Training Centre
MSc Offshore Renewable Energy
Northern Ireland
University of Ulster
PgDip/MSc Renewable Energy and Energy Management
Renewable Energy Grants
Renewable Energy Grants Renewable Energy Grants


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