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TV Energy carried out a review of the housing stock in Maidenhead for the Housing Association, Housing Solutions to assess the scope and scale for ‘greening’ units. A predominantly desk based study was carried out between October and December 2010 which analysed the potential for photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal on the 1,665 properties within Maidenhead. The study was followed by a number of site visits to ‘ground truth’ or physically assesses the building and confirms the findings.




TV Energy identified that there is potential to install some 4MWp of solar PV and around 400 solar thermal systems. It was also recognised that Air Source Heat Pumps twinned with PV could also provide a dramatic cost reduction in the properties that are ‘off-gas’ in Hurley.





ypical installed costs at the type of scale indicated above would be £3,000/ kWp, though installation costs will vary with the size of site. This technology also has the potential to save tenants up to £250 on their electricity bills. It also provides an opportunity to inform and educate tenants on how to change the way they use energy and thus save more on their electricity bills.

 Communal blocks

Two types of properties were looked at; communal blocks and houses. If all the communal blocks were developed at maximum potential then total installed costs of £4,800,000 is anticipated. The tariff that applies based on the current Feed in Tariff (FIT) depends on the scale of installation. Through this analysis it was identified that two outcomes are possible.  The first was based on a payment of 31.4p/ kWh which would give £402,000 pa (based on the tariff for grouped units in the range 10-50 kWp). The second was based on 41.3p/ kWh. This gave a revenue equal to £528,000 pa (based on all units installed being perceived as less than 4 kWp).


Through the analysis TV Energy found 800 houses out of the total house stock have a suitable orientation and pitch for PV and each system would cost in the range or £4,000-£6,000 (£6.4million in total). The Feed in Tariff would also be around £650 per house and give a total of around £520,000 pa.Of the remaining properties, approximately 400 are suitable for a Solar Hot Water (if tank space and boilers are suitable) costing £3,000 – 5,000 per house, with a potential for tenants to save just under £100 on their gas bills. The RHI was introduced in March 2011 and is offering Renewable Heat Premium Payments for solar thermal as well as a number of other technologies. As of July 2011 each solar thermal system can receive £300 due to these payments.     


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Host Feedback / Importance of Technology

At present TV Energy are helping Housing Solutions with a programme whereby they might commence the introduction of viable renewable energy solutions into their housing stock. If the implementation of some or all of the possibilities goes ahead, it would create significant reductions in pollutants and CO2 emissions.  Such action may well also influence other local residents to install renewable energy systems helping to increase renewable energy technologies as well as helping to reduces tenant’s fuel bills.


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