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After completing phase 1 of a project with St Georges Community Housing, Basildon Essex, which assessed the potential for Photovoltaic (PV) technology on 47 sheltered accommodation units for the elderly, TV Energy went on to prepare planning application forms for 16 different sites that were targeted for the installation of PV panels. To support these applications, TV Energy created a number of drawings that identified the location of the PV panels on each roof as well as producing illustrations of how the PV panels would appear once installed.   

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Using our in-house CAD (computer aided design) software, TV Energy created a number of 2D models to support the planning applications for the installation of PV panels. These were produced to help the client and planning departments identify and accurately pinpoint the location of PV panels on a number of complex roof structures within Basildon. CAD file drawings of each building were obtained through the client in order to assist TV Energy in this work. Data that was already obtained from TV Energy’s previous work, specifically the area of each roof that was suitable for PV and the number of panels that would occupy this space, was then entered into the software and layered onto each of the relevant drawings. The size of the PV panel was also carefully selected in order to give a clear view of the size and shape of the array on each roof. The CAD software enabled TV Energy to create different shape arrays depending on the shape of the roof, e.g. triangles, squares, rectangles and parallelograms.

Site location maps of each building were also obtained through the client in order for TV Energy to outline the area of land owned by the building/council and to identify the building and specific roofs on which the PV panels would be installed.  

The next step of the application was to create a number of photomontages to illustrate, from street view, how the PV panels would appear. These were created using either photographs obtained directly from site visits or indirectly making use of Google Earth.

Each CAD drawing, site plan and photomontage was then submitted with the relevant planning application to Basildon Council.

TV Energy went on to assist with a variety of technical issues including assisting with grid connection matters – a potential stumbling block for significant sized projects.



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