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Renewable energy feasibility studies: investigating building or community energy usage and matching this with an optimal renewable energy mix incorporating a variety of appropriate technology options. This also includes advice on better energy management and appropriate energy efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption and thereby costs. We will detail renewable energy system sizes, costs involved, provide a payback analysis as well as advise on any possible grants or incentives. We will also provide a list of suitable installers based on our knowledge of a wide range of projects and hosts to help achieve and promote low carbon emissions through the adoption of renewable energy technology options. We can provide a detailed analysis of carbon reductions that might be achieved through differing energy strategies.

Remote solar assessment tool: we carry out cost effective, remote energy potential surveys using our in-house software tool for clients interested in solar photovoltaics (PV) and Solar Thermal technology. We provide a detailed analysis of size of systems, likely outputs, payback and a list of appropriate installers.

Planning supplication support: TV Energy has access to CAD (computer aided design) software to create 2D models to support planning applications for the installation of PV panels on roofs. TV Energy has recently used this software with a client to help identify and accurately pinpoint the location of PV panels on a number of complex roof structures. In addition, TV Energy can create Photomontages to illustrate, from street view, how the PV panels would appear. Both these in house techniques have positive feedback from clients and planning departments.

Renewable energy statistics: we have a detailed knowledge of the use of renewable energy in the south east of England and can provide appropriate statistics on numbers of projects, scale, energy production, CO2 and growth.

Technical support: we provide a bespoke package of support activities for Local Authorities and businesses enabling them to plan and implement a broad range of measures and projects on sustainability.

Policy and planning: we advise on best practice regarding renewable technologies and broader sustainability matters. This can be oral (e.g. acting as an advocate) or we can assist with writing documentation. We have experience of providing strategic input to governmental and private sector organisations, helping to visualize change, create scenarios and detail targets for achieving various levels of aspiration.

Public speaking: we can provide expert speakers for conferences, workshops or seminars based on our experience in the UK and overseas.

Project management: we can assist with all matters relating to the planning, commissioning, installation and monitoring of renewable energy systems.

Commercial: we provide advice on a broad range of commercial energy solutions for those wishing to embark on more complex schemes. Solutions may involve the creation of an ‘ESCo’ or Energy Services Company.

Wood fuel supply and contracts: we provide good quality and secure wood fuel supplies (wood chip) from a range of local approved sources across the Thames Valley and beyond. Services may be purchased on the basis of volume or on a ‘heat supply contract’ basis at specific locations.

Research: we can assist with research in the area of renewables and in particular with biomass/ wood fuel. We can provide lectures or give direct technical support. We can host a limited number of students for project based research linked to universities or colleges.

Zero carbon home demonstrator: we have a 4 bedroom cottage that uses 3 renewable technologies; solar PV, solar thermal and a Charnwood multi-fuel (log wood) burner as a demonstrator. This is available for site visits on application.

Training packages: we can provide training on a number of areas relating to renewable energy technologies. These include:

  • Wood heat solutions
  • ESCos
  • Renewable energy 
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