Weston Turville Village Hall

Weston Turville


Weston Turville village hall is located in Buckinghamshire and is owned and operated by a charitable trust. It is used for a daily basis by a playgroup, for badminton and other evening groups including football teams that use the onsite facilities twice a week. There are two adjacent fields which are owned by the Parish Council and include a football pitch and a nature reserve used by the local school.


With support from Aylesbury Vale District Council, TV Energy carried out a full feasibility study for the village hall and concluded that the site is suitable for a number of renewable energy technologies including: solar PV, a small wind turbine, ground source heat pumps (GSHP) or a wood pellet biomass boiler.


From TV Energy’s site visit it was noted that 85% of total energy use in the village hall was for heat, suggesting a renewable heat source would be a good investment for the building. The study also concluded that further insulation of the building would be important for efficient heating of the building.

Making use of the Feed in Tariff (FIT) and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) provides a saving to the village hall in energy bills equivalent to approximately £3,561 pa which significantly reduces the payback period for the PV system and both the GSHP and the pellet boiler. This saving is based on a FIT of 16.8p/kWh, an export tariff of 3.1p/kWh, savings from avoiding buying electricity at 13p/kWh and £1,500 from the RHI (as of April 2012). Public support from the local community might allow a wind turbine to be constructed, generating even more electricity locally. This could potentially turn into a community owned initiative whereby members of the local community could buy shares in the project and benefit from any profits.

Host Feedback / Importance of Technology

If Renewable Energy technologies were introduced into the village hall these would offer educational benefits to the local school(s) who visit the nearby nature reserve. In addition, TV Energy have suggested to the Weston Turville Parish Council that it might be beneficial for regular users of the hall to take part in an energy awareness campaign as user behaviour influences energy wastage in a building. This would improve user behaviour in other environments, including energy wastage at home.

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